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Startup founders and other entrepreneurs frequently ask me what investors consider a company before they invest. While different investors might have a different approach, you can be sure that they have a process they follow to determine what’s a good fit for them. I’ve outlined in part 1 of my exploration some of the key […]

As a startup entrepreneur, one of the most critical sets of documents that you will prepare the perfect startup pitch deck. This term denotes the presentation that you will give to prospective investors, letting them know how fantastic your company is and giving them a solid reason to invest in your business. Typically, pitch decks […]

Founding a startup sometimes feels like a monumental task. You’re fervently working on a new product, creating the corporate structure, finding investors, and learning how to run a business all at the same time. The most critical component of your startup isn’t necessarily the product you build or the paperwork you file. It’s building your […]

If you’re reading this then that means you may be launching a startup. Odds are that you’ve worked a few jobs and the 9-5 life just isn’t for you. Either that or you’ve got a killer business idea and want to turn it from an idea into a reality. Either way, props for you. You’re […]

Many startup entrepreneurs find themselves in an all-too-familiar situation. They work diligently preparing a pitch deck for angel investors. They scour the landscape, searching for the perfect investor who can inject financial help and knowledge into their business. There are meetings involved, contracts to sign, and terms to discuss. Then, once the aspiring entrepreneur gets […]

Entrepreneurs of aspiring startups often feel immense pressure to make their companies succeed. There are many reasons for this feeling. First, there’s usually money riding on the line, from friends, family, and investors. Second, entrepreneurs often have a passion and drive. They want to succeed, do well, and change the world. Finally, many people feel […]

COVID-19 has changed much of the landscape for startups and entrepreneurs. All companies, from the largest corporations down to the one-person shops, are having to adjust to working from home. Some entrepreneurs are finding this adjustment to be straightforward and intuitive, while others are finding it to be a little bit more of a challenge. […]

Many entrepreneurs have had experience pitching prospective investors in-person. You meet with an investor, go over your presentation, documents, and other pertinent information. They ask some questions, and you ask some as well. If all goes well, you’ll discuss specifics, and eventually, they’ll cut you a check and potentially take a seat on your board […]

A few days ago Claire Bahn, CEO of Stratus Branding, was able to sit down with serial Angel Investor, Jonathan Hung, for a quick 10 part Q&A on his take of the current state of the angel investing landscape and how startups should navigate the post-COVID-19 financial landscape. What follows is Part 2 of the […]