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A few days ago Claire Bahn, CEO of Stratus Branding, was able to sit down with serial Angel Investor, Jonathan Hung, for a quick 10 part Q&A on his take of the current state of the angel investing landscape and how startups should navigate the post-COVID-19 financial landscape. What follows is Part 1 of the […]

Startups frequently meet with angel investors to secure funding. As an entrepreneur, you must make the most of these meetings when you have them. The general wisdom tends to be that angel investors are generally busy people who receive countless idea pitches. Therefore, it can be tempting to think that any offer they put out […]

Startup accelerators are one of the best ways for new businesses to build their exciting new ideas. For many big-name tech companies, being in a startup accelerator was the first step in a long journey towards an initial public offering (IPO). Airbnb, Stripe, DoorDash, and Dropbox all started as an idea in a startup accelerator. […]

Team building is arguably the most crucial exercise a founder will undertake. A lot of people who are new to entrepreneurship think that learning a particular skill or improving your sales are the most important things an entrepreneur will do. While each of those is important (you need to be continuously learning and growing), the […]

Rejection for entrepreneurs often feels soul-crushing at first. Entrepreneurs are often incredibly passionate about the work they’re doing. They see a vision that nobody else sees. They work late nights, long hours, and dedicate significant time to building the business. Everything is going well – maybe you’re even starting to gain traction in the marketplace […]

Getting a meeting with an angel investor is never easy unless you’ve got a warm introduction from someone the angel investor respects. Remember, the goal of any encounter with an excellent potential investor is to get to the next meeting right up to the point the investor writes a check. Read more to learn which […]

If you’ve recently created a startup or are thinking about forming one, then congratulations, you’ve made a decision that will forever transform your life in so many unexpectedly positive ways. The world of startups is fun, inspiring, and filled with some of the best stories imaginable. However, there are also many concepts associated with startups […]

Networking for entrepreneurs is one of the most vital skill sets that you will learn. Being an entrepreneur is so much more than focusing on your business, thinking of ways to expand it, and learning new things. It’s so much more involved than spreadsheets and numbers. The most successful entrepreneurs have significant connections. They talk […]

Receiving funding as a startup isn’t easy. There are so many competitors and, comparatively-speaking, so few investors. This fact often means that startups are competing for a limited pool of dollars. As such, it’s essential that your startup “checks all the boxes” of what investors want to see. Often, your first investors will be angel […]

What’s the difference between an angel investor vs. a venture capitalist? If you’ve asked yourself this question, you’re certainly not alone. Here we’ll answer this common question in detail, along with examples including how the process of venture capital and angel investing works. Ever had that multi-million-dollar idea, that you just knew would change things […]