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Are NFTs Just a Fad or Here to Stay?

One of the latest trends in the blockchain space are NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. In...
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Virtual Franchise

Are Virtual Franchises a Good Investment?

A virtual franchise might be the best path for you to become your own boss....
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future of work

The Future of Work Post Covid 19

The future of work has taken a dramatic turn over the last 18 months. From...
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startup sectors

The Most Promising Startup Sectors Primed to Grow Post Covid-19

Not all startup sectors were crushed during the pandemics and ensuing lockdowns. Some startup sectors...
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cash flow

How Does a Startup Prevent Cash Flow Problems

It’s no surprise that startup cash flow is a key concern of any founder. After...
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seed funding

How to Raise Seed Funding from Friends and Family

I frequently get asked by new founders” How Do You Raise Seed Funding from Friends...
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hand shake

What are the Top 13 Questions to Ask Your Investor Before Accepting the Check?

Do you know the top 13 questions you should ask an investor before accepting a...
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Angel Investing vs Institutional Seed Funding – What’s Best for You?

Every business needs cash, whether it’s an established corporation or an early startup that works...
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