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I’m often asked if investors consider the founders personal brand or reputation when deciding to invest. There are a few common misconceptions that new entrepreneurs make. One of those is that investors make decisions about investing capital solely on the metrics of the business itself. While investors certainly scrutinize the numbers of the company, they […]

Elevator Pitch: The Top 10 Things You Need to Include for Angel Investors As an entrepreneur, you need to have an elevator pitch for your business. Rehearsing and memorizing this short 30-60 second spiel about your business will make investing significantly easier. There will be many opportunities as you’re networking to give a short pitch […]

Part II: Reasons Why Crowdfunding May Not Work for Your Startup So, in Part 1 we looked at the 2 main types of crowdfunding platforms, what I call basic crowdfunding platforms and then equity crowdfunding platforms. Basic platforms like Kickstarter are usually best for consumer products and manufacturing-based campaigns since you can offer a discount […]

In Part 1 of this series, What Investors Consider Before Investing in Startups Part 1, we looked at seven key factors to investing in startups that investors consider before writing a check. In particular, we took a look at the vital components, key factors, and metrics of your business’ pitch, like your one-pager and your […]

Angel investors invest billions of dollars in thousands of new ventures every year. It is no surprise that more and more people are interested in getting into the industry. Many startup founders understand the challenges of developing business and aspire to become an angel investor. Being passionate about the ecosystem is crucial when becoming an […]

Startup founders and other entrepreneurs frequently ask me what investors consider a company before they invest. While different investors might have a different approach, you can be sure that they have a process they follow to determine what’s a good fit for them. I’ve outlined in part 1 of my exploration some of the key […]

As a startup entrepreneur, one of the most critical sets of documents that you will prepare the perfect startup pitch deck. This term denotes the presentation that you will give to prospective investors, letting them know how fantastic your company is and giving them a solid reason to invest in your business. Typically, pitch decks […]

Founding a startup sometimes feels like a monumental task. You’re fervently working on a new product, creating the corporate structure, finding investors, and learning how to run a business all at the same time. The most critical component of your startup isn’t necessarily the product you build or the paperwork you file. It’s building your […]