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Getting people to invest in your startup often requires many documents and presentations. You’ll want a fantastic pitch deck, accompanied by a tremendous verbal pitch. You’ll want to include critical numbers and facts about your company, such as your current user base, projected growth, and financial information. Of course, you’ll want to highlight your team […]

The investment world is always shifting and evolving with the needs of its producers and investors. But one of the more recent and interesting changes I’ve seen in the market has been the rise of SPACs: special-purpose acquisition companies that can take the place of a traditional IPO roadshow and fundraising season. While IPOs remain […]

Knowing the right services for your startup is fundamental for any successful founder. To properly scale and grow quickly, every company needs to add team members to get the things done that need to get done. Of course, every founder needs to balance their budget and add team members strategically, which is why most startups […]

It was inevitable: leave millions of bright, restless individuals lounging about in their pajamas, wondering if and when they will get back to work, and soon they begin to think about creating their own work. For the majority, those fantasies turned out to be just disgruntled, wishful thinking. Could knowing the qualities of a startup […]

Equity dilution doesn’t have to be a scary term, but you should understand it when you’re a founder.  Being a startup founder comes with a ton of responsibilities and pressures. Aside from wanting their company to be successful and hoping they make enough cash to cut themselves a reasonable salary after the first year or so, […]

Due diligence for startups can seem like a scary process. Afterall you want to make the angel investor comfortable enough to follow through and write that check. I’m going to give you my perspective on due diligence and some of the key factors to dur diligence for you to focus on so the process will […]

Networking during COVID is a critical skill for entrepreneurs and founders. For emerging entrepreneurs and start-ups, professional and active networking is an essential part of their business strategy. After all, a start-up’s chance for success is improved by the formal and informal business networks they build with other entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. Forbes recently published […]

Raising capital for startups can often be tricky. Ironically, it usually costs quite a bit for startups to raise money in the initial rounds. They need to create elevator pitches, presentations, respond to information requests, and find the perfect angel investors or VC members to join the board. It’s not an easy task by any […]

For new entrepreneurs and budding business leaders, understanding some key aspects of owning a startup can be hard. This article looks at the feasibility of developing a business plan when your startup is in a seed phase and suggests that it is far more prudent to invest time and energy into an effective pitch deck […]

I’m often asked if investors consider the founders personal brand or reputation when deciding to invest. There are a few common misconceptions that new entrepreneurs make. One of those is that investors make decisions about investing capital solely on the metrics of the business itself. While investors certainly scrutinize the numbers of the company, they […]