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Ever heard of an “Exploding Term Sheet” and wondered what the heck it is? Well, you already know that term sheets are a vital and intricate part of the dance that is done to invest in a startup. This dance usually takes place between an investor/ venture capitalist and a startup. Term sheets lay out […]

A Special Purpose Vehicle, or SPV for short, is a subsidiary company of a larger established company that is used to alleviate any risk associated with the aforementioned parent company. The SPV is a separate entity that assumes all the risk for the other company. Sometimes this happens when the company wants to attempt a […]

Cybersecurity is all over the news now that ransomware and hackers have gone after larger and larger targets. It makes the average persona stop and think about their own cybersecurity and what they can do to protect themselves. Now imagine that you’re a huge corporation with many customers and a significant revenue stream. The security […]

Cryptocurrencies have become a staple in our modern society. They are growing in popularity and value every day, making an impact on the world in ways that are more and more permanent. For the average investor, you might be curious if investing in cryptocurrency is a good idea. What does the future hold for this […]

Technology is making its way into industries at a faster rate than many anticipated. As tech trickles into finance, the development of powerful software soon followed one of which is Capital as a Service. With help from quick and in-depth analysis from all parties involved in business ventures, investors can make more informed decisions without […]

Growing your business can seem overwhelming when you don’t have the proper venture capital funding. Many small and large business owners alike are tempted to take out venture capital funding as a way to grow their business quicker. While receiving funding from a venture capitalist may give you a kickstart on finances, it’s not always […]

One of the latest trends in the blockchain space are NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. In the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, there are new commodities popping up every day leaving people wondering what they should and shouldn’t invest in. But what is a non-fungible token, why are they such a hot commodity, and how do […]

A virtual franchise might be the best path for you to become your own boss. More and more people are working and shopping and largely existing online these days. The world post-pandemic is not projected to look much different, causing many changes to the realities of business owners all over the globe. The brick-and-mortar business […]

The future of work has taken a dramatic turn over the last 18 months. From conjecture on the “4-day” work week to how common “remote work” and Work from Home would be going forward. In some cases, not too long along a few prominent companies actually ceased most of their remote work options and told […]

Not all startup sectors were crushed during the pandemics and ensuing lockdowns. Some startup sectors actually benefited in that their products or services were highlighted for the benefits they provided either due to the need to work from home ( WFH) or the need to have products and services delivered directly to you because of […]