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Jonathan Hung is a transformative Los Angeles angel investor and venture capital partner who believes in a bright future for businesses seeking to broaden their horizons in North America and Asia.   In support of this mission, he serves as Co-Managing Partner at Unicorn Venture Partners providing a hands-on approach to supporting companies by offering strategic expertise in operations management, finance, business development, multinational business strategy, entrepreneurship, networking, data analysis, and leadership.

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Jonathan's Portfolio Companies

One of the most active angel investors in Southern California, his mission is to drive value creation within each portfolio company.

Angel Investing & Startup Blog

Angel Investing vs Institutional Seed Funding – What’s Best for You?

Every business needs cash, whether it’s an established corporation or an early startup that works out of a garage. But seed funding is particularly important for new businesses, and especially for startups just starting out. I often get the question, Which type of seed funding is right for me and where can I find it”. […]

What are the 10 Key Metrics I Look for When Making a Decision to Invest?

There are 10 key metrics I look at when determining to invest in any startup. Here is some insight into what I, and other investors, might look at when deciding to invest in your startup. Startups and small businesses regularly need cash injections from investors like myself who can provide the capital they need to […]

How To Write the Perfect One Pager Investment Teaser

Getting people to invest in your startup often requires many documents and presentations. You’ll want a fantastic pitch deck, accompanied by a tremendous verbal pitch. You’ll want to include critical numbers and facts about your company, such as your current user base, projected growth, and financial information. Of course, you’ll want to highlight your team […]

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