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Jonathan Hung is a transformative Los Angeles angel investor and venture capital partner who believes in a bright future for businesses seeking to broaden their horizons in North America and Asia.   In support of this mission, he serves as Co-Managing Partner at Unicorn Venture Partners providing a hands-on approach to supporting companies by offering strategic expertise in operations management, finance, business development, multinational business strategy, entrepreneurship, networking, data analysis, and leadership.

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One of the most active angel investors in Southern California, his mission is to drive value creation within each portfolio company.

Angel Investing & Startup Blog

Seven Qualities of Successful Startup Founders

It was inevitable: leave millions of bright, restless individuals lounging about in their pajamas, wondering if and when they will get back to work, and soon they begin to think about creating their own work. For the majority, those fantasies turned out to be just disgruntled, wishful thinking. Could knowing the qualities of a startup […]

Equity Dilution for Founders- How to Keep from Getting Fully Diluted.

Equity dilution doesn’t have to be a scary term, but you should understand it when you’re a founder.  Being a startup founder comes with a ton of responsibilities and pressures. Aside from wanting their company to be successful and hoping they make enough cash to cut themselves a reasonable salary after the first year or so, […]

Due Diligence: What Every Startup Founder Needs to Know

Due diligence for startups can seem like a scary process. Afterall you want to make the angel investor comfortable enough to follow through and write that check. I’m going to give you my perspective on due diligence and some of the key factors to dur diligence for you to focus on so the process will […]

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