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About Los Angeles Angel Investor Jonathan Hung

Jonathan Hung is a transformative Los Angeles angel investor and venture capital partner who believes in a bright future for businesses seeking to broaden their horizons in North America and Asia.   In support of this mission, he serves as Co-Managing Partner at Unicorn Venture Partners and Senior Venture Partner and Head of Due Diligence at Expert Dojo providing a hands-on approach to supporting companies by offering strategic expertise in operations management, finance, business development, multinational business strategy, entrepreneurship, networking, data analysis, and leadership.

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One of the most active angel investors in Southern California, his mission is to drive value creation within each portfolio company.

Angel Investing & Startup Blog

Are Exploding Term Sheets Fair to Startups?

Ever heard of an “Exploding Term Sheet” and wondered what the heck it is? Well, you already know that term sheets are a vital and intricate part of the dance that is done to invest in a startup. This dance usually takes place between an investor/ venture capitalist and a startup. Term sheets lay out […]

What Is an SPV and How Do They Work?

A Special Purpose Vehicle, or SPV for short, is a subsidiary company of a larger established company that is used to alleviate any risk associated with the aforementioned parent company. The SPV is a separate entity that assumes all the risk for the other company. Sometimes this happens when the company wants to attempt a […]

Are Cybersecurity Companies a Good Investment?

Cybersecurity is all over the news now that ransomware and hackers have gone after larger and larger targets. It makes the average persona stop and think about their own cybersecurity and what they can do to protect themselves. Now imagine that you’re a huge corporation with many customers and a significant revenue stream. The security […]

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