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Growing your business can seem overwhelming when you don’t have the proper venture capital funding. Many small and large business owners alike are tempted to take out venture capital funding as a way to grow their business quicker. While receiving funding from a venture capitalist may give you a kickstart on finances, it’s not always […]

Networking during COVID is a critical skill for entrepreneurs and founders. For emerging entrepreneurs and start-ups, professional and active networking is an essential part of their business strategy. After all, a start-up’s chance for success is improved by the formal and informal business networks they build with other entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. Forbes recently published […]

Part II: Reasons Why Crowdfunding May Not Work for Your Startup So, in Part 1 we looked at the 2 main types of crowdfunding platforms, what I call basic crowdfunding platforms and then equity crowdfunding platforms. Basic platforms like Kickstarter are usually best for consumer products and manufacturing-based campaigns since you can offer a discount […]


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Many startup entrepreneurs find themselves in an all-too-familiar situation. They work diligently preparing a pitch deck for angel investors. They scour the landscape, searching for the perfect investor who can inject financial help and knowledge into their business. There are meetings involved, contracts to sign, and terms to discuss. Then, once the aspiring entrepreneur gets […]