Web 3.0 is the new emerging phase of the internet. It’s fully decentralized and operates publicly on the blockchain. There are no tech giants monitoring Web 3.0 or gathering user data. The benefits of Web 3.0, like data privacy and open accessibility, could prove helpful to startups in the future. Web 3.0 is an emerging...
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Estimated Reading Time: 8min Launching a startup isn’t easy, but it’s the path of least resistance. In 2019, Forbes stated that all major tech companies began as startups? Take Facebook, for example. It launched with zero capital and became the largest social media platform on the planet. And Google started as a small university project...
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pivot startup
In order to pivot a startup, both management and consumers must have a shared understanding of potential tweaks and changes that could bring a better experience to everyone. There must be a highway where users can communicate with the startup to bring both criticism and encouragement to the team working together to turn this startup...
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startup sectors
Not all startup sectors were crushed during the pandemics and ensuing lockdowns. Some startup sectors actually benefited in that their products or services were highlighted for the benefits they provided either due to the need to work from home ( WFH) or the need to have products and services delivered directly to you because of...
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Startup founders and other entrepreneurs frequently ask me what investors consider a company before they invest. While different investors might have a different approach, you can be sure that they have a process they follow to determine what’s a good fit for them. I’ve outlined in part 1 of my exploration some of the key...
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Founding a startup sometimes feels like a monumental task. You’re fervently working on a new product, creating the corporate structure, finding investors, and learning how to run a business all at the same time. The most critical component of your startup isn’t necessarily the product you build or the paperwork you file. It’s building your...
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