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Growing your business can seem overwhelming when you don’t have the proper venture capital funding. Many small and large business owners alike are tempted to take out venture capital funding as a way to grow their business quicker. While receiving funding from a venture capitalist may give you a kickstart on finances, it’s not always […]

There are 10 key metrics I look at when determining to invest in any startup. Here is some insight into what I, and other investors, might look at when deciding to invest in your startup. Startups and small businesses regularly need cash injections from investors like myself who can provide the capital they need to […]

Startup founders and other entrepreneurs frequently ask me what investors consider a company before they invest. While different investors might have a different approach, you can be sure that they have a process they follow to determine what’s a good fit for them. I’ve outlined in part 1 of my exploration some of the key […]


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Many startup entrepreneurs find themselves in an all-too-familiar situation. They work diligently preparing a pitch deck for angel investors. They scour the landscape, searching for the perfect investor who can inject financial help and knowledge into their business. There are meetings involved, contracts to sign, and terms to discuss. Then, once the aspiring entrepreneur gets […]