Kitchen appliances in professional kitchen in a restaurant
What is a ghost kitchen, and how is it part of the foodtech future? Multiple industries have already integrated this delivery-first innovation with boosted sales and brand recognition. Learn how your company can take advantage. Here is an objective look at the ghost kitchen phenomenon. What is a ghost kitchen, and is it the future...
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venture capital
Venture capital is financing provided to start-ups and businesses believed to see long-term growth. Large firms typically offer the funds, but smaller investment boutiques can provide specialized services that larger firms can’t. Use these tips to earn how to get started with boutique venture capital and secure your start-up’s success. Venture capital is a type...
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Estimated Reading Time: 8min Launching a startup isn’t easy, but it’s the path of least resistance. In 2019, Forbes stated that all major tech companies began as startups? Take Facebook, for example. It launched with zero capital and became the largest social media platform on the planet. And Google started as a small university project...
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pivot startup
In order to pivot a startup, both management and consumers must have a shared understanding of potential tweaks and changes that could bring a better experience to everyone. There must be a highway where users can communicate with the startup to bring both criticism and encouragement to the team working together to turn this startup...
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